‘You wait, little girl, on an empty stage for fate to turn the light on.’

Yes and no.  Yes, I am constantly waiting, watching and wondering what the next excitement will be in my life, what is around the corner, who I might meet, how experience might shape me.  But no, I don’t dance to fate’s tune.

I realised long ago that the unknown was necessary because of its associated fear – for what life is truly lived without that?  How can we forge forwards, break boundaries, challenge naysayers?  And when the true revelation that the obstacle to progress is our own reticence to grit our teeth and take a step, a stand, a leap, then the possibilities are endless.

Because being perpetually sixteen going on seventeen is a charm.  At the cusp, always learning, embracing naïveté and smiling at the future.

Older and wiser is a journey.  Let’s go.


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