Respecting recovery 

I love to move.  Dancing, lifting, cycling, walking, stretching and more: there is a vital delight in feeling myself move in space, in tandem with music, nature, friends, strangers, heartbeats…  Now, post-op, I find the joy in increasing the strength in my legs, the length of my stride and the depth of my determination. 

Like waiting out the emotional pain of heartbreak, there’s no quick fix to bypass a physical recovery.  Oh no.  Incrementally, with meticulous care and the occasional oops, there is progress. 

Most of the time, I am more amazed than ever by this body – with its innate intricacies – of which I’m in charge.  It responds to the daily drills.  It is informed by what I feed it. It is carrying me through the treacle-sea of rehabilitation and renewal. 


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