Much credit and admiration is given to multitasking but there comes a time when cleaning the house while sending emails and engaging with social media and baking doesn’t feel like achievement to me; it feels like diluted effort.  And I don’t like to give half-measures.  I’m more likely to make mistakes and it makes me feel scatty, not a sensation I’ve ever enjoyed.

So here be my resolutions:

  • I will stow my phone under my desk, in my bag and on silent to promote my concentration at work.
  • I will watch that documentary I’ve been looking forward to without simultaneously scrolling through Instagram.
  • I will complete one task before unnecessarily jumping on the next one.

Of course there will be moments when I shall feel superhuman as I keep seemingly dozens of plates spinning in the air, but it’s time for me to give my concentration the concentration it requires.  I have new adventures planned and I want to be strong in this facet before I set another plate in motion.

Let the spinning desist!




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